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Upcoming childbirth classes

Upcoming HypnoBirthing Classes:

Online Classes via Zoom

Covid 19 virus update: The HypnoBirthing Institute has approved online zoom classes during these times of social distancing. Classes will be spaced out in a 4 class format lasting 2.5 hours each. Book and supplies will be mailed to you prior to the start of classes. Payments can be paid via zelle, Venmo or paypal ahead of time or by mailed check.

**Zoom Classes set to start on Sunday February 5th from 10am-1pm.    It will run for 4 weeks.
Cost for this series is $300.00
You must contact me to register and arrange payment and shipping prior to this class starting. **

SSunday Morning April classes forming next. Please contact me for more information.

Because of coronavirus I am seeing new regulations that are sometimes limiting birth support. Because of this it is more important than ever to take a childbirth class that equips you with all of the tools you will need to have a gentle birth and make good decisions for you and your baby and equips your partner to be the support person you need.

Contact me via email for more information or to sign up for online classes

Classes meet for 4 weeks
Class Locations:

*Cary House Buffalo: 460 Franklin Street, Buffalo NY 14202
*New teaching space @ My home: Route 98, North Java NY 14113 (20 minutes from E. Aurora, 20 minutes from Warsaw, 20 minutes from Arcade)


Class fees are $295 per couple.
Fees include all class instruction, The HypnoBirthing Book and workbook, & 2 hypnosis relaxation track downloads 's, and workbook.
Childbirth classes may be submitted to HSA or FSA accounts.
Some insurances may reimburse you for partial fee, please call your insurance company to find out if they cover private childbirth classes.

Doulas are always welcome to observe the series for a fee of $75.00

I now accept credit cards, debit cards, venmo, zelle, and paypal. And as always cash or check.
There is a 10 dollar discount for cash paying clients

When is the best time to take HypnoBirthing classes?
There is no wrong time in your pregnancy to take HypnoBirthing classes.


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