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What If?

What if ...

*I have the most beautiful experience of my life?
*I could actually feel a wet, mewing baby on my belly - just after birth - and fall in love with that feeling forever?
*I give birth and feel pure ecstasy?
*I give birth as a powerful, free woman?
*I claim my right to give birth as my biological destiny impels me to?
*I emerge victorious, free, sentient, powerful?
*My baby never feels anything in her first moments other than my body, and my love?
*I push my baby out into my own hands - and pull her up - and kiss her wet head - and cry and moan and weep my joy in privacy, darkness and love?
*My birth is the most loving, sweet and gentle moment of my life?
*I give the birth of my dreams - and feel raw beauty, love and power...
*I go on to teach others the sweetness and beauty of what birth really can be?
*The very future rests on our blissful, emposered 'what if's'.
*We stop asking the medical profession to feed us fear about our births
-We will finally become as powerful and wise as we are intended to be
-We will finally stop rushing to be induced and sectioned
-We will change the way the world spins .......

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