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Birth Stories and Testimonials

"My Partner and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us through the hypnobirthing classes. Our beautiful baby boy was born on Thursday, April 23 at 2:25am 7lbs 10oz. My partner and I were able to stick with our birth preferences and have an unmedicated, quick and peaceful childbirth. I remained at work for 2.5 hrs during my surges which went from 9 min apart to 5 minutes. When we got home we labored for 2 hours while practicing our breathing techniques, showering and finishing gathering hospital items. Upon arrival to the hospital at 10:00 pm I was admitted at 4cm. We listened to the rainbow relaxation on repeat with the lights dimmed and 4 short hours later our baby was born in the hands and knees position by a midwife at the hospital (ob didn't make it in time). I was not given pitocin after birth and the baby has been successfully breast feeding :-) Your assistance allowed us to release our birthing fears and enjoy the beautiful experience."

"So I guess sometimes surprises just can't wait. Our baby arrived 5 weeks early on February 3rd. My membranes released at 10:10AM and the baby arrived at 8:30PM. When I got to Mercy, the midwife on call informed me that since I was preterm, she could still deliver my baby, but would have to work under the guidance of a physician. The first thing that the physician told me is that they would give me pit to get the labor going....My husband and I politely declined and asked that labor progress on it's own, since it had only been less than one hour since my membranes had started releasing, and I wanted a natural birth. Both the physician and the midwife agreed we could wait it out. I didn't start feeling waves until 2PM, and by 3PM they started getting stronger, and I had to concentrate through them. I only had a handful of waves that were overwhelming, and I was able to get through them with my husband and our doula. The breathing down stage went well, until there was a change in shift and gained a new nurse and midwife. And then My labor really slowed. Breathing down the baby was slow and the midwife let me go at my own pace until I was having difficulty getting more than the forehead out. It turns out that the baby's cord was wrapped around her neck twice. The midwife had me keep pushing to get her out then, and I had a small episiotomy to help get her out quicker. All in all, it was really a beautiful birth, and I felt that the hynobirthing helped me and my husband prepare for it. Despite thinking I had another 5 weeks to prepare, I had done enough from class, reading the book, and listening to the CD to get me ready."

"After the last class, hoping to jumpstart labor, we went to wegmans and got all the ingredients for the eggplant parm dish and my husband made it for us. Ate it about 8:00pm, had sex (lol) and went to bed at 11:00 pm. I woke up at 1:30 am feeling surges. I started timing them, they were about 5-10 minutes apart. Not too bad. I got up got in the shower, they started getting closer together and more powerful. I woke my husband up and told him to call the doctor that it was time. He was packing the car up and I was trying to get ready to go, but the surges were coming on so strong and so close together. I got on the couch on all fours bent over the top of the couch, and was trying to breathe through the surges. All of a sudden my membranes released and I felt a lot of pressure. My pants were still on. I pulled them down and felt his head was crowning. I yelled for my husband and he came running in and was like holy cow his head is coming out!! lol. I said I know. And I breathed down and pushed a little and his head came out. I did it again and he slipped right out at 3:04 am. An hour and a half after I woke up with my first surge!! Amazing!! The kids slept through the whole thing. Dr Morrison came right to our house and took care of us right there. We never had to go to the hospital we've been home since. She came back out yesterday and did his tests and everything is great!! I didn't tear or anything. Feeling awesome. So I wanted to thank you so much for the class I really believe that it worked. I was listening to my cd as I slept and I think I slept through the beginning of labor. Letting go of my fears and letting my body and mind relax to give birth to our son was the best thing I could have done for this birth. It was simply amazing!! Thank you again!!! :)"

"I have so much joy in my heart over what a wonderful experience it was and I know that I am forever grateful to you and the other wonderful women who taught me and guided me through pregnancy and birth. Hypnobirthing is exactly the approach I was looking for and your attitude and compassion helped me to feel so comfortable right away. After giving birth, I felt powerful and confident. It was amazing. My Daughter is healthy and so happy. I am so thankful she had such a wonderful entrance into this world. It will stay a beautiful memory in my heart forever. I cannot express to you my appreciation for you and this class. When I entered the room, it was like a safe zone where I felt I could be myself and feel at home with you. You also helped my husband to understand my feelings and give him confidence as well. It was such a strengthening experience for our relationship. Together we brought this healthy, smart and beautiful girl into this world. It made us feel like there is no greater team and we can accomplish anything. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! "

"I just wanted to give you an update that we had our baby girl on Tuesday morning. She was 7lbs 11oz. Thanks so much for your class! I kept up reading and doing the affirmations, and listening to the Rainbow Relaxation. I was able to do a completely natural VBAC birth with no medication - despite the baby being posterior! I also required no episiotomy (yeah!!). My membranes ruptured at 9:30pm and I delivered at 8am. We delivered at Suburban and had wonderful nurse and my doctor was incredibly supportive as well. We requested a nurse who supported natural birth and am so happy we did.
When I was being moved to delivery I could overhear someone say "she wouldn't tell us what her pain level is and didn't want to know how dilated she was…how are we even supposed to know when she needs to push." Luckily I ended up with a different team! After the birth my doctor and nurse both were so praising of what we'd done, telling me what excellent self control I was able to demonstrate and what a huge accomplishment it was to have VBAC'd a posterior baby without requiring any stitches. It felt awesome! Our baby latched on right in delivery and has been a champion nurser! My husband was incredibly supportive making sure I kept up my fluids, keeping music on, massaging, giving me affirmations and reading scripts to me.
Overall I am so grateful for the coaching you provided to us to advocate for the type of birth we wanted. My recovery has been SO easy compared to when I had a c-section! I'm also grateful for your advice to keep active and continuing with exercise during the pregnancy. Some of the birthing positions we did required flexibility and endurance to move our posterior baby down and out. I'm convinced keeping fit also allowed us to have the birth we wanted."

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